Dorset coastline

How You Can Enjoy The Off-Season At Your Seaside Home

Summer is visitor season at the seaside. If you’re only used to visiting the coast during your summer holidays, then it’s hard to picture the seaside at any other time of year. It’s tempting to believe that nothing happens in the off-season, but this is far from the truth. In reality, the colder months can be some of the most rewarding. Living by the seaside doesn’t just mean summer fun; here’s what you can do during the off-season.

Beautiful coastal footpaths

Whether you live near Swansea or Scarborough, some of the best walking in the UK can be found on the coasts. Spend a day walking along the headlands of the Dorset Area of Natural Beauty or exploring the North Yorkshire Heritage Coast with a thermos full of tea. Amazing views are guaranteed, and with warm, welcoming pubs ready to provide a hot meal it’s easy to recuperate after a long hike.

Beach visits in the off season

You might picture the beach as a place for topping up your tan, but during the colder months this can still be a great area to spend your time. Without all the summer visitors you’ll have the place to yourself, which means plenty of room to enjoy some peace and quiet. Practice flying a kite or ride your bike along the hard-packed sand. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll soon discover that the beach is a peaceful, enjoyable place to spend time even when the temperature drops.

Winter water sports

Surfing in the colder weather isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But for those who enjoy the more active side of beach fun, the colder months can be an opportunity to get the most out of their sport. Swells at UK surfing spots are stronger and more reliable during the off-season, and when the wind is right, you’ll get some of the best surfing conditions around. Couple this with a near-total lack of crowds and you’ve got the perfect opportunity for some quality surfing. Just don’t forget your wetsuit!

Year-round living by the seaside

Even if long walks and surfing aren’t your thing, there’s still plenty to love about seaside living all year round. Local communities boast plenty of great restaurants and pubs, and without hordes of holidaymakers you’ll have plenty of room to enjoy them. Excellent transport links to accommodate summer traffic also make it easy to reach nearby towns for an evening at the theatre or watching your favourite band. You can be sure that living by the sea isn’t just about the summer months.